When I’m 351,352.3333…

28 Oct

6) You wish to send a satellite to the extrasolar planet that everyone’s been raving about. It is about 20 light years away. Currently, the Voyager I probe is traveling at 3.6 AU per year. This probe is the farthest object from the Sun that we have sent. Assuming our probe to this planet can travel as fast as the Voyager I probe, how long would it take to reach that planet?
Note: You will need conversions that are in the back of your book.
Would you volunteer to travel to that planet?

1 ly = 63,240 AU

20 ly = 1,264,800 AU

1,264,800 AU/3.6 AU = 351,333.3333 years???

And no, I would not volunteer to travel there… unless Dylan came with me and brought lots of cupcakes. With sprinkles. And a treadmill.


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