Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Cupcakes: Halloweenified!

31 Oct

What did the mother ghost say to her kids in the car?

Fasten your sheet belts!


Last night I made Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Cupcakes (from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes, I’m still mad at her though) for Dylan to take to work tonight. I made them last Easter, and a co-worker of his really liked them, so I thought I’d be my generous selfless self and make them again – only this time, Halloween them!

I had extra batter left over so I made six more in a deep muffin tin for Dylan to munch on, as part of his healthy breakfast. I put an extra Oreo in those, and I saw tears when he cut into it.

As for the regular-sized cupcakes he’ll be taking into work:

I got these colored baking cups from Walmart, and I’m really disappointed in them. They are too big for a regular cupcake tin and too small for my giant muffin tin. So when I pour the batter, it ends up all folded and crinkly on the side, instead of smooth and neat. I just hope his co-workers will be too distracted by the taste to notice, lest they mock poor Dylan all night long. “Haha!” they’ll cry, pointing and jeering. “Your baking cups were crinkly!”

People can be so, so cruel.


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