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Polite Life and Etiquette

17 Oct

I work at a fairly large library in town, and next week we are hosting our  bi-annual book sale. It’s always really massive, and draws a huge crowd. Last spring the library district made like, $125,000. Not too shabby. I work in circulation, which means I come across a lot of the books that people donate for the sale. This gem came in yesterday afternoon.

It’s dated 1891 and it’s in pretty good condition, considering. My sociology teacher collects etiquette books (I know, that’s weird) so I snagged it to give to him. I think I flunked that midterm, so this could only help me. 😉

It’s a really cool old book. It says the polite way to break off an engagement is through letter. That might have been acceptable in the 19th century, but I don’t think that would fly today. “sry i have met sum1 new can i keep teh ring???”

The copy I have is actually on Google Books as well.